Meet the designer and founder of WOODO !





I am Anna, though most people call me Anya - a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, and it's actually me designing every WOODO bag with huge care, love and pleasure! I am equally a founder of the brand and for the moment a person who manages WOODO on many levels - from developing collections and choosing the best-quality bags suppliers! I put lots of my creative energy into WOODO and doing my best to make sure that you are getting a gorgeous bag coupled with an amazing customer experience!

As an artist, and being a very fashion-conscious woman who appreciates beautiful things, I used to spend lots of time searching for authentic accessories or pieces of clothing for my personal wardrobe. I love having that something unique and stylish on me to highlight my personality, attract jealous looks, gather compliments and curious questions such as 'Oh wow! Where did you get that??!'.  This is exactly the type of experience and enjoyable feeling that I deserve to offer to every WOODO bag owner with what I am creating.

Sometimes I would go out and screen the outfits of the crowds and passers by, and so often there would be nothing that catches my eye, not even a thing that I have not yet seen on the main shopping street this season or several seasons ago... I would see the same sort of copy paste mass-market outfits. So I've got an inspiration to create something that would not be simply a noticeable accessory, but rather a  portable and functional art piece, stunning and on of a kind, just as its owner is! So the WOODO brand was born!


I make up to 4 capsule WOODO collections per year, to always keep it select and very limited. Since I am a vegetarian, I find cows and calves more adorable alive than being transformed into bags, that's why I mostly base my collections on the use of cruelty-free materials, such as vegan leather, vegan suede or natural wood. I honestly do not think that in the modern world each our bag must be made of genuine leather, given the speed at which we are tricked to refresh our wardrobes nowadays. Some of the bags we only use for special occasions or for a  time-to-time wear, and I believe it a great idea to prioritise vegan leather for those cases to reduce unnecessary animal-cruelty and ecological impact.  However, I do not have a categorical position on that, and sometimes include several premium pieces made of genuine leather into my collections.

One more thing about WOODO bags is that they are customisable, it's a modern Parisian haute couture. You can commission me painting a design of your choice on a bag of your choice! Personalisation is very popular when it comes to book cover bags - you can order a custom book bag with a book cover of your choice!

Enjoy your exclusive shopping! 

Kisses from Paris,